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AC 220V 60kA 4P N-PE CE Certified Three Phase Surge Protection Device

Item No.: DXH06-FBS/3+1B60
Zhongpushende Brand.
AC 220V Imax 60kA 4P surge protection device. The voltage can be customized to 110V,130V,220V,230V.
CE Certified

AC 220V 60kA 4P N-PE CE Certified Three Phase Surge Protection Device

. Application

    It is mainly applicable for the electronic and power supply surge protection and over voltage protection in the fields of telecommunication, railway, internet, power supply, traffic and house, etc.

. Technical Parameters

Model DXH06-FBS/


Brand Zhongpushengde
Certification CE

Type IEC 61643-1

Class II/Type 2

Max. Continuous Operating Voltage

385VAC (voltage can be customized)

Applicable Power Supply

Three Phase

Nominal Discharge Current Capacity (In)


Max. Discharge Current Capacity (Imax)


Protection Mode


Protection Level(Up)


Response Time(T)


Fault Indicator


Live Line(mm² )


Earth line(mm² )


Grounding Resistance(R)


Protection Level of the Shell


Operating Temperature


Overall Size(mm)


Installation Method

35 mm DIN-rail

. Dimensions

60kA Surge Protection Device

. Wiring Diagram

AC Surge Protection Device

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