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Hunan Zhongpu Technology Visit Changsha Google Adwords Center

Hunan Zhongpu Technology Visit Changsha Google Adwords Center

The network promotion commissioner of Hunan Zhongpu Technology visited Changsha Google Adwords Center and participated in the special course organized by the Hunan Idvert Network Technology Co., Ltd on Google keyword promotion and optimization and marketing site construction.

This training was mainly on Google SEO website optimization, promotion and other aspects for the enterprise's website construction and promotion of thematic training courses, which is the first time that hunan zhongpu technology’s network promotion Commissioner participated in such a professional course of study.

The study can help network on comparative analysis of present situation of the company's Web site, according to the recommendations of the professional teams on site layout and detail optimization improvements, so as to enhance the customer experience of visiting a Web site, promoting the development of the business.

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