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Wind Power Lightning Protection Device (DXH06-FWB Series)

      Wind Power Lightning Protection System

    (DXH06-FWB Series)

    Each fan of Wind power is an independent structure, due to the rapid development of modern science and technology, the unit capacity of wind turbine is bigger and bigger, with the wheel hub height and impeller diameter increased, also relatively increased the risk of being struck by lightning, lightning is one of the most harmful in the natural disasters for the safe operation of the wind turbine. Huge energy released by the lightning would cause the wind turbine blades damagedinsulation breakdown, control components overburning, etc. Therefore Wind Power SPDs have became one of the powerful guarantee for safe and normal operation of the wind turbine.

Surge Protection Device

    Hunan Zhongpu Lightning Protection Co.LTD as a professional manufacturer of SPD and an owner of double A qualification with design and construction for lightning protection engineering, developed wind power lightning protection module, applicated independent invention patent technology of double-gap ignition, combined electronic ignition technology with truncation arc technology of multilayer gap, to realize low voltage pulse trigger and highly rated disconnect follow current ability.

    In general our Zhongpu lightning protection products of  DXH06 - FWB series as an example, it is a kind of double-gap SPD which used in the first level(lever I classification test (10/350μs)) of main distribution system, it has the spark gap with charged tip arcing board. The wind power SPD which equipped several arcing boards used for auxiliary arc extinguishing, has large energy absorption, easy installation and maintenance modular design.

Surge Protection Device

    It Commonly used in the front of the electric device of the building total power distribution panel(power distribution cabinet or power distribution box),which is installed at the junction of LPZ0A zone and LPZ1 zone as the first level lightning protection device configuration. All the metal charged objects of Wind turbines are equipotential connected to the ground through our SPD.


    As the construction scale of the wind power station is bigger and bigger, however the wind power station are generally built in the mountains, the lightning activities in this region are more frequent, and because of the wind power station higher ground, it will be more vulnerable to lightning, so prepare for the lightning protection of the wind power station is especially important.

    How to chooce the SPD of the wind power station that will directly affect the person and devices safety, the correct and reasonable choice of  Wind Power SPD and grouding protection method is necessary to ensure that wind power system will safely and stably operate for a long time.


  Applicable case: It is applied to wind power generation system 400/690 v TN system, the Maximum continuous operating voltage of the product is 440V, the residual voltage is 2.5 KV or less, the impulse current Iimp (10/350μs) is 50 KA, the power-frequency follow current interrupt ability is 3 karms.

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