Zhongpu Technology finances  poverty-stricken college students

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Zhongpu Technology finances  poverty-stricken college students

Zhongpu Technology finances  poverty-stricken college students

On August 23, the "My Chinese dream · charity education of the Chinese dream" co-organized by the charity branch of Zhuzhou Tianyuan district was held in the lecture hall of the second floor of Tianyuan district government conference center.On the day of the event, a total of 46 needy students received corporate funding.

Mr. Yin, chairman of Zhongpu Technology, attended the event as an entrepreneur representative and sent a grant and blessing to the needy students.In the ceremony, Mr. Dong, the chief district officer of Zhuzhou Tianyuan District, issued the certificate of honor for our company.

After the event, the company will continue to follow up on the study, life and future employment and entrepreneurship of the students.

Mr Yin also said that the company is willing to sign a letter of intent with students interested in working in the holiday and returning to work in zhuzhou to provide them with internships and employment opportunities.
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